where to get a replacement hinged dustcover for an audio technica turntable?

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Answered: Replaced hinges on door but screws on one of ...

Longer screws might help. You can fill the hole with toothpicks dipped in wood glue and reuse the same screws. Larger screws might help, but you are limited by the size of hole in the hinge plate.

Answered: Good colleges for audio Production? i have been ...

Florida - Full Sail (my husband looked into this one but it was a lot more expensive than the one he ended up attending) Tempe and Gilbert, AZ - Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences (this is where my husband got his certificate from - awesome school - within 12 months he was working at a ...

Answered: Cartridge replacemene for a AR turntable

Try searching for it on ebay.com.

Answered: Hinges on the mirrored bathroom cabinets

You could always use a good epoxy or super glue to replace the catch latch with magnet ones. Beats the heck out of plastic.

Answered: Audio conferencing

You can try http://www.arkadin.com/my for Audio conferencing service.

Answered: My apt is under video and audio surveillance, I don't have the money for

Which type of surveillance camera are you using for video security ? If it is cctv camera with infrared illuminator or a simple security camera. If infrared illuminators are used the it will be easy for you to manually look at the recording as best quality image will be provided to you with the use ...
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