where to find wrestler frank holtz?

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Answered: Tim holtz horse

The short answer: there isn't any one horse... Holtz apppears to have ridden several horses during his career. In the 1947 RKO film "Wild Horse Mesa", he rode a famous 'movie horse' named Steel, recognisable due to an unusual combination of three white socks and a streak of white up his face. In ...

Answered: How much money has the movie called the wrestler earned at the

I have tried to look for the answer to your question, but have unfortunately not been able to find it. It is an amazing movie and with all of it's Oscar nominations, I am sure that it has brought in many many millions!

Answered: Frank sinatra

email me i will make u an offer u cant refuse jazzsingerny@aol.com

Answered: Alligator Wrestler in Fort Lauderdale , do you have photos ?

Thank you for answering the request for the alligator wrestling photos , I would like to have them or copies of them , your attention to my request is greatly appreciated. My e-mail is : tpalatka@aol.com Thanking you in advance. Tommy
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