where to find truffles in florida?

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Answered: Truffle Harvesting

I found this post very helpful look for the right kind of tree and other signs mentioned.

Answered: What is the best city to live in Florida?

Sunny isles beach is a very good city in which there is a lot of young people it has close to lots of nice stores and malls .There is a beautyfull beach and lots of parks. It has a great school and it has lots of children in the community,there apartements of all prices and near by small houses ...

Answered: Why are truffles so expensive?

Truffles are very difficult to find as they are deep underground, most are the color of dirt and the main way to find them is to use a pig to sniff them out.

Answered: Have you ever eaten white truffle pizza?

Aren't they truly expensive? Where would you even buy white truffles?

Answered: Price of a 14 oz box of truffles

$19.96 http://www.worldwidechocolate.com/shop_christmas_602.html

Answered: What are truffles and what do they taste like?

All you would want to know: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Truffle_(fungus)
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Growing truffles

"...for yourself buy a wheat field, for your children buy the orchard, for your grand children plant the trees..." (to include quercus ilex -threes used in establishment of truffle orchards)

Know of any fun day trips in Florida for a 72 year old?

Universal or disney. I live here so i know they have wheel chairs for the older people. They are either free or very little to rent one. And they take care of you well,they lead you to another door and you get seats up front with everyone else in wheel chairs to all shows. Dont be afraid to use ...

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