where to find skylight for gazebo?

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Answered: What is the lowest price patio mate screen room gazebo

There is probably no such thing. IF you want an inexpensive add-on, buy the materials from a box store and do the work yourself. Plans for such additions are available online. You might have to cough up a few bucks to get one.

Answered: Wood Gazebo painted white, or Vinyl Gazebo?

It should. The vinyl won't need painting but I just like wood over plastic.

Answered: What is the difference between a Velux skylight ...

I hate to tell you this Linnlinn but you've been had. There is no such company as "Twighlight skylights" or "Twilight skylights" so you've got a product with either no or a very limited warranty and in any case no match for the quality Velux skylight product. Hopefully you haven't paid the company ...

Answered: Skylight Leaks

Jeld-wen bought out Wenco - maybe they can help you

Answered: Need a internet address for Sunburst skylights.

If I got it right here you go http://www.sunburstskylight.com/

Answered: Can I clean the glass on a Velux skylight with ...

I agree. I bought my Velux Skylights at www.1stwindows.com and everything went really well and I got them at a great price! I would highly recommend them.
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My brother wants a gazebo

I gave a gazebo to my friend on her 50th anniversary and she loved it! You should visit the IKEA store where I am sure you will find something to suit your taste, and match your backyard. You can even browse through their designs on the website before visiting the store.

Greatland gazebo ez-up 10x10x8' need instructions

I am not sure about that particular brand of gazebo , but there are many 10 ft, east to assemble gazebo kits online.

I need to buy a replacement canopy for my gazebo , where can i find

You might want to try Mighty Covers. They specialize in custom covers . You could also try shade cloth if you can't find the exact replacement.


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