where to find sedgefield jeans?

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Answered: How to tell if j.lindeberg jeans are mens or womens

Gail, If you buy them in the mens department, they are mens. If you buy them in the womens department, they are womens. You can usually tell just by looking at them. Womens jeans will have slightly more rounded hips then men's jean. Sparky's Mom

Answered: What do girls think about guys in girl jeans

I think its cool i have a nephew that wears girl jeans and he does look better in girl jeans there's a lot of girls that wear guy stuff so why not the other way around if you look good and feel good in them then i say go for it.

Answered: Curve Control Jeans

Sorry, I've never heard of these.

Answered: I need as much information on joes jeans as possible

why not try http://www.edhardychina.com ? they have many brand jeans for sale
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