Where to find gemstones in virginia?

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Answered: What can be alternate gemstone to ruby, blue sapphire, emerald and

Diamond- Moissanite Ruby- Garnet Emerald- Peridot Blue Sapphire- Tanzanite

Answered: Light green gemstone. I have a palest of green ...

There is also agate moss, aventurine, chrysoprase, jade, jasper, and malachite, to name a few. Take it to a jeweler and they will be able to tell you.

Answered: Gemstones

real Alexandrite Change color In daylight . its a best Real Gemstone u can read more about Gems on http://Gemlabc.co.in

Answered: Raw Gemstones?

Your story is very good, we produce gemstones.

Answered: Why are some minerals singled out and called gemstones?

All of the answers to your question definitely hint at the answer. Gemstones are both rare and scarce, and they are indeed beautiful. But there are so many different types of gemstones to consider! The Gemological Institute in America has a ton of information about gemstones, and how exactly they ...

Answered: Seriously thinking about vacationing in Virginia ...

I suggest to take a hotel room in Virginia than to rent a cottage.
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I need to know what a gemstone shape is called ...

Unfortunately it is very hard for me to visualize this cut without the help of a picture. Even then, people are inventing new cuts every day.. The ones that make it to widespread usage are named after a time, however, my gusess is that for now at least, your stone would fall into the "freeform" or ...

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yes i like it very much. i think it has good value. thanks tanzanite