where to find an apartment of rent at $300 a month in NY?

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Answered: Studio apartments for rent for 600 in Brooklyn NY

Brooklyn no idea bro, well if you asked about Noida then the answer is obviously yes.This year a project by the name of Winsten Park Noida is offering studio apartment and office spaces in the prime location of greater Noida near to Knowledge Park-5.

Answered: People looking to rent apartment in trenton nj

try to see this legow Wingate Apartments at 201 Wert Ave Trenton.

Answered: Who is looking for apartment to rent in trenton nj

I think there are none here, why are you asking? are you looking for companion?

Answered: Who owns Palm Bay Apartments?

no answer to my question was posted

Answered: Trying to find an apartment to rent

You can check out this site: http://www.apartmentrent.ca
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Muslim Brothers.

Apartments for rent by owner in Elgin Illinois for a felon

no need to search for apartments for rent by the owner many of them update and upload the details of their properties in classifieds and real estate sites you can find apartments for rent in Elgin, Illinois in http://www.apartment-advisor.com/il/elgin-apartments-for-rent which have listings from ...

Can a landlord require rent due before the beginning of the rental month

Depending on your rental agreement, if you signed a lease saying you'd pay for a month's rent before the actual month, then yes you are bound to pay it. But if you have a contract that states you pay on the first of each month (or some other set date of each month), then the landlord cannot expect ...

Evicted Though I paid my rent

You can call Housing affair for help, they are a non profit organization that help out tenant who are like you. They can give you very good sugestion that base on law as well as form to fill out incase you need to sent to your landlord. Their number is 714-569-0823.