where to eat phuket town?

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Answered: Phuket accomodation

There are many hotels and resorts are there. I think you should rent some apartment or condos.

Answered: I am travelling to Thailand (Phuket) and I do not ...

Its not really a big deal as long as your passport is not yet expired, just don't forget about the number of days you'll stay or you'll pay a penalty. During your stay make sure that Koh Chang (http://koh-chang.info/ ) is in your list on places to visit in Thailand.

Answered: Was there ever a town called leaky springs, virginia

Thanks, but this doesn't help. These are my relatives. Trying to get proof that she was indian, and born in Leakey Springs. But there seems to have been no Leakey Springs long ago.

Answered: Eating Disorders in Males

This is article is largely unresearched and lacking in factual information. Eating disorder quite simply means and form of out of order consumption. I suggest the writer of this article consult a dictionary to look up the two words. Furthermore, not all the DSM disorders were covered. Medication has ...

Answered: How can I get my 9 year old to eat healthy meals he doesn't eat alot of

How about serving fish or chicken without the skin? These have white meat and they're often used as ingredients for healthy lunch ideas here . Add herbs and spices, like oregano for chicken or fenugreek for the fish. Grill or bake them instead of frying in oil.
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Should I cancel my flight to Thailand after the Phuket crash?

I wouldn't go there during the rainy season, no... Sorry. I realize this is an unpopular opinion, but enough is enough.

Homes for Rent in Old Town

Go for the website offering various listings of rental homes & vacation rentals homes . I will advice you to go for for rent by owner offers. For Rent by Owner allows you to save money as the individual owners are bypassing rental agencies and real estate companies.

Thailand plane crash Phuket

You should go there!! Phuket is doing everything they can to attract more tourists after all the problems like Tsunami, plane crash, government political trouble.. Go to Phuket !