where to eat in rabat morocco?

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Answered: Morocco Weather

the best time to go is MARCH APRIL AND MAI see more in our website www.moroccoatlastrek.com

Answered: Why is Morocco listed as part of the middle east?

Hi, who can better answer the question than a Moroccan? Well, there are several factors why Morocco is sometimes classified as a Middle Eastern country. I must say this classification is adopted by American instituions which happen to have broad research programmes on the Arab/Islamic countries ...

Answered: I am planning on going to Morocco in May, however ...

To be 100% sure I would contact the Morocco Embassy or Consulate closest to where you live and ask them. This web page lists these for you.

Answered: Please can British subject buy property and get a residents visa for

British as any other foreigners can buy property, work with proper permits, live temporary or permanently in Morocco by applying for a residency permission from Moroccan governments. Check with your local Moroccan embassy for documents and paper work needed. Source HeyMorocco

Answered: Aliens passport to morocco is it Required visa.

This web site has information about visa requirements when visiting Morocco. http://projectvisa.com/countryinfo.asp?countrycode=ma
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