where to donate World Book encyclopedias?

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Answered: Value of World Book Enclyclopedias

Contact the company to see if they have any value.

Answered: Cancel donation

The internet is a big place. Why you would come to AOL Answers and say "Cancel my donation" and think that anyone knows what the hell your talking about is beyond absurd. Why not go to the website you donated on, Einstein?

Answered: What is a 1963 Compton Encyclopedia set worth today

A 1963 encyclopedia is not worth much for reference, because it is out of date. It could be used to look up the periodic table of the elements, but it would only go up to element 102 or 103. You could look up the Korean War but not the Vietnam War. The last 9 presidents would be missing. Many ...

Answered: Hello friends, please help me to find some famous book related to

See here: http://gsjobpoint.com/how-to-start-a-hr-consultancy-company.php

Answered: Is there anyone who will donate to us,disabled-strugsling couple a

What organizations have you contacted in the town in which you live?
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I need someone who is knowlegable about old books

Actually, if this is the first edition of the Jr encyclopaedia, it probably is worth a bit. Oh, not a lot, mind you. But I paid 100 and something for my set of 1954 Book of Knowledge. I wanted that particular set because that's the set I had as a kid and I loved them. There may be some out there ...

Where can I donate books in Miami. I have so many books I would like to

here i give everything to the VA, there are men and women there who have nothing, and they fought for our country. please give the books to the vets. also here there is a nursing home for vets, they have to supply their own personal items, like soap, toothpaste, laundry detergent, but have a ...

Suspious donation form

There are a number of charity organisations where you can donate online. I usually donate through World Vision, as I have been supporting a child for the last two years. Visit their website to know more about them.

Best online book store site

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