where to dispose of old tires waco texas?

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Answered: Old tires

Here' a "Hillbilly" answer: If you live in the "Sticks" you can take them about a mile or two down the road and dump them. Make sure that some are in the traveled portion of the highway. That way the State or County Roads Department will have to pick them up. This advise was given to me by a ...

Answered: Where to dispose of an old sofa in Moore Township,PA

It is pointless to keep repeating the same question. If we didn't know the first time, we won't be able to answer the other 4 times. Why don't you call your Town Hall or other local governing body?

Answered: Why an I tired after radiation treatment

According to me,because the body has to repair damage caused by the radiotherapy to healthy cells. It is important to drink about 3 litres of water a day if possible while having treatment. Hydration helps the body to repair the radiotherapy damage better. If you have to travel to your treatment ...

Answered: I have an old xerox machine that still works, but ...

did you ever get rit of your old XEROX machine? What is the Model number on it?

Answered: Inneed old emails that was sent to me from two accounts from 2007 thru

If something was important to you, you would have saved it on your computer, right?

Answered: Where can i find a fiber gasket for a sears garbage disposal

I would start with a plumbing store, like All-Rite. One of the box stores should have this, if Sears doesn't. I know. They don't carry parts for anything anymore.
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