where to dispose of derelict boats in saint lucie county, fl?

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Answered: Commercial Fishing Boat

Fishing boats are so useful and anyone who likes fishing can buy your boat. so you don't have to destroy it find some one who can purchase your boat

Answered: When does a boat change to a yacht or a ship?

In old navy terms a boat is the thing you can put on a yacht or ship. The submarine U boat is the only exception I know of.

Answered: Fl counties

Palm Beach County is the largest in area - 2,034 sq mi. See this web page for all of the counties in Florida.

Answered: Where to volunteer for Thanksgiving events/ St, Lucie county

You can try here . And there is also the 19th annual Thanksgiving Day Community Feast where you can help out: To cook from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 26,at St. Mark's Missionary Baptist Church, at 921 Orange Ave., Fort Pierce; use the South 10th Street entrance. •To prepare and clean up from ...

Answered: Where to dispose of an old sofa in Moore Township,PA

It is pointless to keep repeating the same question. If we didn't know the first time, we won't be able to answer the other 4 times. Why don't you call your Town Hall or other local governing body?
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Does Brevard County, FL require emissions testing on vehicles?

There are no Emissions testing in the state of Florida.

I have a 4hp motor on a 12 ft. v-hull boat. The ...

A "whaletail" helps, no question about it. A 4hp motor is a little on the small side to get your boat up on the step. You can adjust the tilt of the motor so the prop is further toward the front of the boat . That will put a slight downward pressure to the front. Another thing you can do is put ...

I have a mercury force on my deck boat. It runs ...

4800 seems a little on the low side for an outboard. Maybe you should consider trying a prop with a little less pitch.

Are there Lymphedema clinics in Putnam County, Florida??

I can't answer your question however, I just want to say that wherever you might end up with, just make sure they have a LANA certification for you to be able to guaranty professional help for the treatment of lymphedema. In my opinion, this is by far the top priority regardless of the distance ...