where to check if news facts are true?

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Answered: What Ideology Is True

Sorry. You lost me with the first paragraph. You need to find a coherent point, and stay with it. Not ramble about. As for your titular question, "what ideology is true?". That which is demonstrably real is true. Ideologies are conjectural ideals. What ifs, could be's, should be's, may be's ...

Answered: News Resource

Most reliable news? Certainly not the Huffington Post. I would go with drudgereport.com.

Answered: News

Well, parveen, don't you know that you must have a question to post here? Could it be that my answer is balancing the fact that you did not follow the rules? Are you just advertsing or something? Were your parents childless?

Answered: AOL check up

Letists are are evil. Leftists are stupid. Leftists are violent criminals.

Answered: News

Rocmike-Trampo-Renner-steve-Dixon fools nobody here.
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