where to buy trout lake catnip?

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Answered: Lake Trout

It depends on where you plan on doing your fishing. Where I live, it is usually good around April (plus or minus).

Answered: Is there a difference between whiting and lake trout or are they the same

No, Whiting has actually become a general for several species. Have a look for yourself (According to Wikipedia). Whiting fish , Lake trout .

Answered: Any one have any tips for catching lake trout in summer?

In the summer time, lake trout hit best in the morning between first light up to 10:30 A.M. They will hit better if the surface of the water is dead calm and it's a clear sky. Any other conditions will cause them to slow down. In some lakes the trout feed aggressively before dark. Lake trout stay in ...

Answered: What kind of tackle set-up do i need if i want to catch lake trout or

For an excellent article I suggest reading the following: http://www.ontariowalleye.ca/lake.htm . I had to change my way of thinking after reading this.

Answered: Trout or Bass storm

I was fly fishing all week in the rain on the Charles river in Norfolk and Millis. The river has come down a bit, I had great luck with nymph and with my go to Mr. Woolly Bugga(green w/blk and blk on blk w/xtra flash). Cloud cover sometime makes a difference but the rain usually doesn't. Mark from ...

Answered: Where to buy Bamboo Sunglasses

We all like feeling the happiness that the Nature grants us.In this busy Time, we are less and less intimate with nature, inhaling the gas emitted from cars everyday and doing boring and meaningless things. We are always trying to get ourselves dressed up, to feel better, in order to not to be ...
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Whats the best type of fishing bait for lake trout?

This varies with the lakes, the trout and where they are raised, and matching what is naturally available to the fish. If you check the fishing report for the lake you are going to fish on they will usually say what bait is doing the best. I fished a lake yesterday that suggested using Chartruesse ...

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Are sea trout the adult version of the brown trout that live in our

No, they are two different breed of fish. Sea Trout are technically in the Drum family (Black, Red Drum, Croacker, Spot) while Brown Trout is a true trout.