where to buy Skin DM and Rejuva Glow?

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Answered: My skin is very rough......i apply banana with ...

i use saslic ds facewash recomended by my skin specialist,nd nowa days she told me to not to use any face wash coz this is the month of july its very roughness n in this season...........n i m aplying caladryl lotion with rose water after evry wash...plz tell me something very gud for my skin..there ...

Answered: I know exfoliation can help to brighten your skin ...

yea exfoliating 1-2 times a week is good one.

Answered: Do skin clinics offer skin resurfacing treatment here?

You would need to check the services offered by the clinics individually. However, I am pretty sure that Kaya Skin Clinic in Muscat does offer skin resurfacing treatment since my friend recently got it done. She was quite happy about their treatment and consultation. http://www.kayaskinclinic.me/

Answered: Getting married next month. Some tips for natural glow on face.

A a naturally gorgeous complexion is what most brides like you aim for on their wedding day. Follow this routine for a naturally glowing skin. 1. Make it a habit to wash your face at night with a gentle cleanser. 2. Apply toner to remove dirt missed by clenasers. 3. Don't forget to moisturized ...

Answered: How do I get rid of dark patches on my skin?

Suffering from Eczema, Psoriasis & Dermatitis??? Give Missed call to 044 40704112 for FREE Consultation.

Answered: What are the natural beauty tips for glowing skin?

I share some tips to get glowing skin naturally: Water is best friend for our body. Drink plenty of water in a day. Don't forget to wear sunscreen prior to 30 minutes when you go out in the sun. Wash your face twice daily . Apply aloe vera gel on face and massage for 2-3 minutes. Leave it for 15 ...
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How can i glow skin ?

Get glowing , pimple free and perfect skin !!! To know more get to http://goo.gl/Ov3MX1

Suggest some good treatments for wrinkle free skin?

There are a number of anti aging treaments such as collagen rejuvenating peels, pulse treatments, skin polishing or even wrinkle reduction fillers. You can check for these treatments at good skin clinics. Check their website if you need to get details. http://www.kayaskinclinic.me/kaya-services ...

Louvella skin serum: Is it worth the money?

No, it's a scam advertised by spamming robots.

I am an athlete and about to get married. How can I get rid of this tan

I suggest you go for a skin lightening treatment with some branded clinic that specialises in skin care. I went for one such therapy and the results were visibly good.