where to buy repel natural bug spray?

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Answered: A natural bug spray

Very simple and non toxic to pets and children: White Vinegar and Dish Soap in a spray bottle works on All Bugs with no side effects to the area except for a wet spot that will dry with no stain. I use it All the time.

Answered: Live in mt was ky and trying to find agency to identify a house bug

Yes, you transported the bed lice and crabs from Montana to Kentucky. Better not let them know in Kentucky, they will kill if you get them into the Kentucky Bourbon.

Answered: Flea repellent for infants

Environmentalists will tell you that you are going to make your infant sick and give it cancer. Dryer sheet manufacturer's will tell you that they are perfectly safe. As long and as many dryer sheets have been used, I do not think that they pose a hazard when used in the dryer. Your infant's ...

Answered: Natural mice repellant???

This is difficult - Cat? Some poodles - instant tater flakes - rat food/poison
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While the room is not free, the bedbugs will be. Be sure not to shower until you've been home and slept in your own bed a couple of nights.

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