where to buy rabies pellets for raccoons?

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Answered: Small pelle machine which is flat die type, can it be used to make wood

Why are you so obsessed with pellet machines? This is what, about your hundredth post about them?

Answered: Raccoon sounds

Let's see if this works... Click on the sound links (the vertical list at the left hand side of the page) one at a time to hear various raccoon sounds: http://www.soundboard.com/sb/Raccoon_Sounds_audio.aspx


Why in the world would you want to kill them? Maybe your wife knows that they are keeping down your rodent and snake population. Or that they are the third most intelligent mammal. Smart woman!

Answered: Do squirrels carry rabies..help

Amazing! I have never heard of raising squirrels before, Seeing a Dr. wouldn't be a bad idea then having been gone for that long, You might want to have your dog checked as well. I goggled the symptoms for you::::: Symptoms After the symptoms of rabies appear, the disease is nearly always ...
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What is wrong with my friend's raccoon?

Consult with a vet. Rob

Has anyone come face to face with a raccoon in the middle of the dark

I am pleased to know that Sunchaser, since I happen to live among those wild woodland creatures. How dangerous is a bat as far as rabies goes? My new neighbor had to chase one out of her apartment, which is physically attached to mine.

Why my baby raccoon suddenly died?

I would say dehydration, the babies need water by way of injection or IV. the fluids need to be balanced with their body weight. Another reason could be rabies, when a baby raccoon is infected with rabies it will die in a matter of days. I doubt your baby had rabies...my guess would be ...

Can rabies be contracted if you have rabies shot ...

your dog would have to have been bitten by the skunk while it was in a rabid state. Yes, it is in the saliva. Once an animal is bitten, the disease must travel throughout the blood stream into the spinal cord and then from there into the brain and salivary glands. Once there, it is usually when the ...