where to buy plants for dune vegetation?

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Answered: I would like to plant a vegetable garden for my family this year. I live

Plant vegetable seeds outdoors or indoors for later transplanting.Seed germination requires warmth, moisture and air.Make good water drainage system for your garden.Seeds can be planted in shallow trays or plant-able pots.And place them at sunlight area.There are number of easy-to-grow vegetables ...

Answered: Are there any pepper plants that could grow ...

As per mbb's answer try in a well lit window during day and on the porch or window box at night to get temp change. Your local farmers market may be a better option for more variety<! Since you use them infrequently.

Answered: Why is it illegal to plant a vegetable garden?

Watch out the food police will get you.her is an article I found. Don?t even think about planting organic vegetables in your front yard if you live in Oak Park, Michigan! When Julie Bass planted a vegetable garden in her front yard, the last thing she expected was to be visited by city ...

Answered: How big do strawberry plants grow?

Hi, ------ Normally they are few inches high but some may grow to about 10 inches.... I believe it's a matter of "local climat". ----- Best regards,

Answered: What Are Examples of Perennial Plants?

Here you can know more about Perennial Plants

Answered: Where i can buy henna plant?

you can buy henna from all india store or on ebay www.allindiastore.com - great deal and great price. delivery time 2 to 3 days via priority mail.
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The first thing you should do is to ask your neighbors about their vegetable gardens. Find out about the crops they grow and which crops do well. Also find out about the types of pests and disease they experience. In so doing you'll be able to tell which crops to grow and what anti-pest and ...