where to buy McCloskey Paint, 100 % Exterior Acrylic Latex?

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Answered: Difference between latex paint and water based paint

Latex paints are water based paints. They contain water and acrylic polymer which makes them smooth for easy application. Oil based paints contain oil, thinner and pigments, and they are not water based. As such there is no distinguishing feature between latex and water based paints. Water based ...

Answered: I have a exterior paint that is latex semi gloss ...

Painting concrete is considerably different than a wood or metal surface. Concrete is porous and needs to be sealed before painting. Then once the surface is painted (it should be a concrete paint, enamel) it should be sealed again. I really think that painting your steps will result in almost ...

Answered: Is there a paint for my indoor trim work that would adhere to its current

They are making some new indoor /outdoor acrylic based paints that are very durable . If I were you I'd , stop by my local paint store and ask the salesman . But as a rule oil based paints can only really work well over other , oil based paints .

Answered: Our school wants me to paint a mural on our wall ...

Apply a shellac primer (white) or sealer (clear), and after that you can paint with latex! Good luck, evelien http://www.painting-ideas-and-techniques.com/painting-over-oil-based-paint.html

Answered: What temperature is needed to paint exterior cement

If the temperature is too cold paint will not flow and go on smoothly. In the other hand, if it is too hot the paint can dry up immediately that may result to "baking". So, it is advisable to have a temperature above 50° when painting to have the best result.
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Acrylic paint directly applied over older oil base?

You can paint latex over oil primer but not finish, you can paint oil over latex. As a contractor I will recommend you prime with oil and top coat it with latex, then next time all you need do is paint latex. Now I said as a contractor because I dont want to be called back for a problem, If it's ...

What is a good exterior paint to use on and seal concrete/block walls?

Thanks Christine I will check it out. Richard

Can you use the Genisis paint system on 300 # streched watercolor paper

Is this for fine art or industrial art? WHy not use the paint on the water color paper if you prime it first? or do you somehow want the effect of the oil paint seeping through? THe oil paint will seep through the paper without being primed, but experiment, what the heck.