where to buy hartz ph5 cat litter?

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Answered: How often do you change your kitty litter box? Do ...

I use the scoopable kind and love it...I scoop every morning and every night... I change all of it about every two weeks...wash plastic bin out with bleach and soap, let it air dry and put more litter in a clean dry box...I also use a large Totes like container for the cats litter box...that way he ...

Answered: Cat litter for melting ice

The shovel is for spreading CLEAN kitty litter.

Answered: How do you get your cat to adjust to a different ...

I also would suggest adding a little bit of the new litter into the old litter , but I would do it when you completely change the litterbox - it will probably take about 4 times. Cats get so used to a certain litter and have a hard time adjusting to a new one if done suddenly. GOOD LUCK!

Answered: How safe are the automatic litter boxes? Can your ...

i have one it,s fine it doesn,t go off untill about ten min.after your get goes debba!!

Answered: No cat litter

Try using sand.

Answered: What causes feces and litter to stick to our cat's rear end after using

Well what I am guessing is that it might be urine that will make litter stick to your kitty and for the feces, it could be just sticking to the hair. You might want to give kitty a little trim, since they can't use t.p.
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I wouldn't use the newspaper. The ink from the newspaper IS NOT good for them. They will lick it off their feet. I use Natural Harmony cat litter, but it is hard to find. Use one of the natural pellet litters, like Natural Harmony. I learned that kittens up to a year should not use clay litter ...

Scoop free litter box refills

Why don't you just buy regular crystals and refill your current cartrage

I've heard you can "toilet train" cats to use human toilets. I would love

We have had clients try this product. Cat toilet training is not easy but can be done.

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I can see that these were not the answers that you were hoping for. Madam Zarzamora