where to buy adult cloth diapers?

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Answered: Adult Diapers

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Answered: Where can I find cloth diapers to buy or can you sew them yourself? Where

If you're in Canada, the best place I've found for cloth diapers is Sweetheart Diapers & More.

Answered: I am pretty sure that I would like to use cloth ...

If you're looking for the least expensive cloth diaper , the choice would be using prefold diapers and diaper covers . These are the most like the "old school" way of cloth diapering, but are by far the least user friendly. And initial investment for 3 days of diapers will only set you back about ...

Answered: Are cloth diapers more cost effective than disposable ones??

They are much much more cost effective. Probably it would take you around $200-$300 to get enough to get you through say a week but with disposables by the time you are done with diapers I think the average cost is $5000 from birth to pull ups.

Answered: I always like to wear clothes that are latest and I like to know what is

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Answered: Where can you find cloth diapers and their covers for your baby? I have

i saw a bunch of cute ones and the diapers themselves in hte wal-mart where i live and if they are in one then they should be in another so try lookin online at wal-mart.
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Does using cloth diapers really save you money in ...

Yes, cloth diapers are a more cost effective option. There are numerous online retailers that sell cloth diapers over the internet. All you would have to do is search online for a retailer, browse their catalogue of cloth diapers and place your order. Most online retailers will accept payment via ...

Disposable or cloth diapers?

There are many positive sides of using cloth diapers and wipes. The first thing that comes to mind is that you will most probably have a lot less worries with things like diaper rash. You will be avoiding all the fragrances and chemicals in the diapers that may irritate the skin and at all times ...

Are there any laws in Washington state against adult wearing diapers and

Hard to believe you'd even ask this question....this is a free country - at least for now!! - and you can wear anything you want.......why do you think there'd be a law against it? do you realize how many elderly people need to wear these garments? has nothing to do with laws.......if that's your ...

Are cloth diapers good?

1. Cloth diapers will help you save money from the monthly budget. 2. Buying disposable diapers is expensive than cloth diapers. It means that you are throwing you’re your money. 3. Cloth diapers are easy to use, easy to care and eco friendly. 4. Cloth diapers will keep your baby rash free. 5 ...