where there mongolian slaves in mississippi?

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Answered: slaves

dear trisha thank you for answering my question could you please send me a list of slaves that were in warminster pa during the 1700's florence fox

Answered: A woman slave to serve her master , with no questions asked

Muslims think this is wonderful. No one else ever did.

Answered: Where did slaves live before capture?

is difficult to answer that question africa

Answered: The treatment of african american slaves

The reason Northern Republicans worked so hard to end slavery was its sheer brutality. Southern Democrats made huge wads of money from the unpaid toil of black slaves. It was then and is now an obscenity that we owe to the British. If you will listen to the poisonous lyrics of "Dixie" you will ...

Answered: Where to donate hundreds of new bestselling books in Mississippi?

Two excellent answers - you don't need anymore !
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How can i research my ancestor if i am a decendant of slaves

Do you know what family your ancestors belong to? Do you know where they lived and any dates? Ancester.com has slave owners registry that lists a lot of names. I haven't used anyother search sites so don't know if they have this or not.


I think it was at the end of the Civil War...in 1865 .............

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Contact the Game and Fish Department of Mississippi to get this information.

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Try searching on www.motors.ebay.com. Good luck.