where the uterus and placenta connects has a bubble?

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Answered: Medication

Bantam Books has published The Pill Book. I have always found it to be informative and easy to read and understand by almost anyone. You should also ask your doctor why it was prescribed for you. This is an area where you should be fully informed since it is your body being treated.

Answered: I cant connect to aol

So I can better assist you, could you explain to me in detail as to what isn't working? What version of the AOL Software are you using? Are you receiving an error message, and if so, what is it? Thank you for the additional feedback.

Answered: Connection remotely terminated from copy and paste

There WAS a virus on aol servers, and they promptly removed it after an angry phone call from me, warning that it was a serious matter that needed immediate attention.

Answered: When i flush my toilet i get an air bubble in the bowl

There is no vent pipe on the out-going plumming.
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