where on a us passport do I find the issuing authority?

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Answered: What should a new author charge for a speaking engagement?

I would suggest you ask the organization who is requesting you to speak what their budget for speakers is.

Answered: If a person convicted of a fellon and did prison time still get a

Canada is one country that does not let in felons. They can deny admission for any criminal conviction, even DUI.

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What city? What building? Could you give us a little help? This is not the Psychic Hotline!!!

Answered: My name in Passport and in my academic memos is different.An alphabet is

Your name has to be exact match with your documents. I suggest to fill application for changes and correction.

Answered: Passports

I was on holiday in Israel last year and have the stamp on my passport.

Answered: Sir i applied for the passport my file number is bngw03174108 can u tell

i would love to know how long is it going to take sow i coul get my passport us number is eg
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I had lost one passport.I issued a new passport ...

May we know the reasons why the immigration officer stopped you? I guess the problem is not with your passport. Maybe you have to show some documents to the immigration.


Following link explains about how to apply for passport: http://www.wikiprocedure.com/index.php/Iraq_-_Apply_for_Passport

How to know with passport

This informayion is confidentail only border control authorities might have this information.