where is tropical line in florida?

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Answered: What is the best city to live in Florida?

Sunny isles beach is a very good city in which there is a lot of young people it has close to lots of nice stores and malls .There is a beautyfull beach and lots of parks. It has a great school and it has lots of children in the community,there apartements of all prices and near by small houses ...

Answered: My phone lines are down

AOL Answers is not your phone provider. You have to tell the phone company.

Answered: How to change your last name in Florida

Exactly the same way it's done in every other state. You petition the court for a name change.

Answered: How hard is it to care for live plants in a tropical aquarium? I'd love

certain plants could really like that culture...first address lighting you can use the regular lights normally associatid with fishtanks i'd probably perfer florescent..(less heat)..and get a timer..12 hrs a day should do..then..like a fishtank..add gravel..this way your plants wont have to"sit ...

Answered: Will Halloween be ruined in South Florida by Tropical Storm Noel?

Unfortunately, I think Tropical Storm Noel has already ruined any possibility of having a fun Halloween. It has caused some major damage and has left a lot of people without homes that I don't think anything can change the incredibly sad feeling of a ruined Halloween.
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Well, how did you buy it? Ask your real estate agent.

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It depends on the kind of palm tree it is, some grow very tall others stay small, you need to find our the name of the palm that you have. I have some pigmey and they stay short as well as some fan palms. Queen palms grow tall as well as date palms and robusta palms. you need to find out what ...

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There are some public utilities, like the City of Santa Clara CA owns its own power system. If another company like cable TV attaches to power poles, they have to pay for the right.