where is throttle position sensor located on 2005 dodge magnum rt?

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Answered: Dodge magnum rt electronic throttle control light flashing and loss of

My 05 maggie's throttle died on Monday morning. ETC light and BAS light came on. It was the third time this happened only this time the reset tricks did not bring the throttle back to life. My mechanic replaced the throttle body and flashed morning. So far so good.

Answered: What are the defects of a 2007 dodge magnum se

Here are a couple i found online: on certain vehicles, the antilock brake system (abs) control module software may cause the rear brakes to lock up during certain braking conditions. On certain passenger and sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks equipped with automatic transmissions, the ...

Answered: Dodge Charger R/T keeps turning on drag race.

Put in a posi traction rear end.

Answered: Where is the knock sensor on a 2000 nissan frontier 6cyl.

Looking for affordable knock sensor for your car? Please check out online auto parts shop .

Answered: 2000 Volvo S70 Throttle position sensor. Where is it located on the

Where is the Throttle Control Sensor located for a 2000 S70 Volvo?
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You will need a special wrench made specifically for O2 sensors. Also, realize that this repair is one of the more difficult, only because the excessive temperatures and rust combine to lock the O2 sensor into the pipe to the point that it becomes almost impossible to remove in some cases. You may ...

Where is the throttle position sensor at on a 99 kia sportage?

It should be very close to the butterfly or throttle plate. If you follow the black, round, rubber intake hose from the air filter to the aluminum part on the engine--right there mounted on the side of that should be the TPS. But you shouldn't mess with it; it is calibrated and loosening the screws ...

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