Where is the town of bedridge?

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Answered: Was there ever a town called leaky springs, virginia

Thanks, but this doesn't help. These are my relatives. Trying to get proof that she was indian, and born in Leakey Springs. But there seems to have been no Leakey Springs long ago.

Answered: Homes for Rent in Old Town

Go for the website offering various listings of rental homes & vacation rentals homes . I will advice you to go for for rent by owner offers. For Rent by Owner allows you to save money as the individual owners are bypassing rental agencies and real estate companies.

Answered: Where or what was Checker town, in Stilwell Oklahoma

I found a somewhat rambling, gossippy blog about Stilwell in the 40s & 50s. From what I could decipher... Checkertown was the nickname for a Chevrolet dealership on S. 2nd Street, near the present location of Ted's Lumber. It was called that because the original building had a checkboard-like ...

Answered: Farm town in Minnesota

Here is the web site for Douglas. http://minnesota.hometownlocator.com/mn/olmsted/douglas.cfm

Answered: Mineola

I bet that Mineola is in Mineola, NY. Hello.
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Can the town do this?

Not being a New Hampshire resident, laws in all states normally categorize a road as a public roadway. Technically, you and the residents of your community own the road, yours being in front of your residence up to the halfway part of the lane bordered by your property lines and pay taxes for the ...

Old Town Seattle

Seattle (25 blocks downtown) was burned down by a huge fire on June 6th and 7th, 1889. Since most of the buiding had foundations of brick, they just built the new streets and cities over the burned out buildings. If you Google - Seattle Underground Tour - you will get all the info you want ...

Are there any good cigar stores in cape town south africa?

Try searching on www.insiderpages.com.