where is the son of mayor michael bilandic?

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Answered: June 11,2014 sentencing for ray c nagin mayor

On May 29 the judge postponed sentencing to July 2.

Answered: Mayor dismissal

Not sure. Sorry.

Answered: Who is mayor of cincinnati

Mark Mallory

Answered: Can an 18 y/o Be a Mayor?

Darned tootin. I was a good leader and always chosen to lead in everything from 3rd grade on. I was one serious girl and I had some serious parents who seriously discussed world events with me and I began reading about WWI, WWII, Communism/Socialism and world history at an early age. My ...

Answered: Is Dr. Conrad Murray guilty of Michael Jackson's death?

I would say Dr. Conrad is guilty in some way because in some way, he acted negligently. I would affirm to him being sent to prison because this was a chain involving many people.

Answered: Can Rahm Emanuel run for mayor?

It has already been determined he can run and is still a resident of Chicago while serving in Washington. He paid taxes in Chicago, and owns property.
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What are a town Mayors duties? My dad past away 4 ...

Maria, each city when it writes its charter describes the duties of the mayor, and they vary from place to place. In some cities the mayor is merely the chairman of the city council who has all the authority. In some cities the mayor runs everything and appoints everybody to jobs. To find out ...

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Center City....what state? Have you looked on Facebook? Do a search under his full name, under Mike, and under his middle name since you don't know what name he goes by. Good luck~ Jada

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