where is the original chitty chitty bang bang?

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Answered: What is the cause of a loud bang a couple minutes before my high

I had smoke coming from my unit once but thank God I was wearing asbestos underwear at the time.

Answered: Is The Big Bang Theory stupid in that people who ...

I have always believed it to be quite goofy.

Answered: The Big Bang Theory is the worst crap I've ever seen. There's nothing

Big Bang makes sense to me. It proved atheists are all wrong, but that is for delusional atheists to cringe and walk away in shame about.

Answered: Taylor with Bangs?

she can rock anything! :)

Answered: I need a sexy female bang.....

Killer Hair Cut...... Long Bangs are in But short Bangs went out with Last Winter... Good Luck!
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u bet! but the whole emo style is in with the fringe over one eye which in my opinion it looks amazing i love the razored hair fringe and bleach it and add some colors! bangs are also making a come back with the whole modern style straight across this i dont like it but im not one to judge so if ...