where is the good sam rally in 2014?

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Answered: What guess stars are appearing in Atlantic this weekend 2/15,16,2014

Bubba, if you leave the goats on the back of the truck then you are welcome. Can't have them messing up the place.

Answered: Thousands rally in NYC against Israeli policy in Gaza! http://www

Can anyone spot the leftist Muslim Atheist poster's aliases on this question? I bet you can.

Answered: Rally for Hillary

Unfortunately, it appears to be too late to rally for Clinton. The talks-to-much-with-no-backing Obama has appeared to have taken the Democratic ticket. What is this world coming to?
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Oh ...I would Love to go.. that would be so great.. Sweet G 6/16

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McCain and Palin have NO plan for our economy, health care, saving jobs, or securing our borders. There only plan is to run a smear campaign and hope that stupid, illiterate voters will fall for their tactics.

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We were not the right kind of people as we did not speak his language also we are PROUD IN THE SOUTH TO LISTEN TO HIM AND HIS BS.