where is the farther along octet?

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Answered: Octet Rule

The octet rule is a simple chemical rule of thumb that states that atoms tend to combine in such a way that they each have eight electrons in their valence shells, giving them the same electronic configuration as a noble gas. This 8-electron configuration is especially stable because with 8 valence ...

Answered: How many singers in an octet?

Eight singers for an octet, four for a quartet.

Answered: If Sparkys Mom and QueenBee were to have a pissing contest, who do you

Duhddddddave said sparkys mom could piss in a coke bottle.

Answered: What is our legal rights as for as DHR.They keep ...

I would check here at Georgia's Legal Aid Society first thing, call them. I would also Contact the DHR directly and find out what the exact complaint is after calling legal aide for your state. These links will take you there. Without knowing what the complaint may have been, who made it, etc ...

Answered: Which is farther north djibouti, paraguay or el salvador

I also think El Salvador http://flybee.com/
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