where is the ebcm on a 2003 buick lesabre?

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Answered: Can I put 18 inch rims on my 2005 Buick Lesabre without having any

You can as long as the overall tire height is the same as the cars original tires. You will be looking for a lower profile tire ( lets say 195-55-18 tires). The 55 is the side wall height as a % of the tires tread width. The stock tiers are something like 195-75 15 were the side walls are 75% of ...

Answered: What type of transmission fluid do I need for a 2003 buick lesabre

you can also call the dealer an they can tell you what to use.But your owners manual will tell you .

Answered: 2005 buick lesabre temperature switch location

On the rear of the engine here lesabre 2005 components location

Answered: What is the ohms on my key on a 1992 buick lesabre

I believe there are 14 different ohms on the pass key set up. if your having problems with it, the easiest fix is to leave the key and tumbler alone as long as the mechanical aspect of it works ok and just buy a new key and tumbler assembly. they will put your old key in whats called the interogator ...

Answered: 1963 Buick Skylark Muffler

After asking around to no avail, I looked in one of my many car magizines. Searching through the Buick Bugle, I found a great company called the Buick Farm. They had exactly what I was searching for and have sent it out within two days after ordering it.
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95 buick lesabre custom wont start

If it starts at all, it probably isn't that fuse, computer or the crank position sensor. On most cars the ignition system gets power two ways. From the switch when in the on or run position and from the starter when in the start position. If it dies as soon as you let the key go from start to run ...

Bruce lunsford ads 2003

2003 stuff is a bit hard to find.....This is what I found: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqTNJxqZl7Q http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCzUbDFVXek Mostly against him......

2003 Buick Century sometimesmy car don't start, it ...

I suggest having the alternator checked


try leaving key in the on position for 10 min. then take key out for a few seconds then try to start car.