where is the divider between the north an south pacific ocean?

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Answered: How far is the grand canyon from the pacific ocean?

It's about 500 miles driving distance from the Grand Canyon to the Pacific Ocean at Newport Beach (near Los Angeles).

Answered: I want to go to the deepest area of the PACIFIC OCEAN

The Mariana Trench is the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean. The Challenger Deep is the deepest spot known. It is south of Japan and east of the Philippines, near Guam.

Answered: What hiway runs north and south?

The odd numbered US highways and Interstates run north and south. For example I-5 and US-101 in the west.

Answered: What is4/7 divide by -11/3

And he scores!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answered: Do I need a passport to travel to the pacific islands on a cruise ship

The Pacific Islands are not a part of Australia. If you are leaving Australia, then yes, you need a passport!
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Where was the dividing boundary on the north and the south?

North and south in the Civil War? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Border_states_(Civil_War )

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Canada is the best example - although it has a lot to do with weather conditions and the proximity to the USA, the South part of Canada is much richer than the North. England is another example - London is located in the South and as you go North, the country is less populated and developed. There ...