where is the diesel fuel injector driver module located in a 2001 ford truck f250 7.3?

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Answered: Does diesel cause more polution that petrol or regular gas?

Diesel Engines This days burn cleaner emissions than gas engine, but the main advantage of Diesel engines, specially in commercial trucks is their longevity, a good "diesel engines in commercial Trucks can last to a Million Miles ", compare that to most gas engines that cant go beyond 300k miles ...

Answered: I have a 2002 Ford F250 truck with fly 4 wheel ...

Could be the switch or a faulty wiring.

Answered: Where do I check and add transmission fluid on a 1993 Ford f250?


Answered: WHAT is the difference between fuel injector # 1 and #8 on2002 Ford F

They use the exact same injectors on all eight cylinders. The only thing different is the timing. Gas engines start spraying 24 degrees BTDC. Diesel starts spraying 3 degrees before bottom dead center on the compression stroke.

Answered: Fuel injector tests

There are a few ways.www.doctorinjector.net When customers send me there fuel injectors they ask the same question.They tell me that they had a misfire code that triggered the check engine light, but the ignition was checked out and appears to be fine. OR other things that could be tell signs are ...
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Can Fuel Injector Cleaner Damage Fuel Pump

It sounds like you were unlucky to be honest, I don't think your understanding of how the fuel system works is advanced enough to realise that some injector cleaner in a tank of fuel is not going to directly damage a pump. What has happened is the cleaner has cleaned the dirt and muck into the ...


Sorry, Fords are like herpes, easy to get impossible to get rid of.

F250 shift problem

Sounds like your shift linkage is loose, should be a very simple fix. Very simple.