where is the corner of live long street and prosper avenue?

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Answered: Has the recent Prosperity Christianity movement ...

This has nothing to do with Christianity. It is the Power Seekers of this world, that create that feeling in some. They (Power Seekers) come with all kinds of beliefs and colors. They operate with one interest (themselves) not you or me. Jay Tolbert

Answered: Conrete walls

Who knows? You need to put level on things- the walls, the joists. Determine the high and low points. If the foundation is sinking and causing the separation, then you will need to call a professional and have foundation work done. You will likely be close to 5 figures.

Answered: Street Style Trends

Very creative ideas,it will be successful.

Answered: What makes your mac computer take so long to come on

There are many reasons it could take a while for your Mac to turn on, but without knowing what you have on your computer I couldn't really pinpoint the issue. My advice to you would be to contact a Mac expert at an Apple authorized shop. You could probably call or go on to their website to see if ...

Answered: Miami dade county STREET LIGHTS

What is your question?

Answered: How can i get information on the way the houses in prosperity pa looked

Simple. Call the Chamber of Commerce in that city and call the public library. You may learn they have a historical society. Go there. Ask about any of the older homes in the community. Good Luck. Historical novelist, Adora Mitchell Bayles
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Besides, you post a question for fun and when you get a funny answer you get angry.......Sheesh girl, chill-out