where is songwriter, fritz baskett?

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Answered: Song writing workshop

A lot of writing colonies were started in New York city to assist the people from all over the world to write their creations. The writing classes NYC were started in1978 in New York with enough facilities to both the experienced and beginners who is working in both fictional and nonfictional areas ...

Answered: Does anybody know what happened to Ray Whitley - Atlanta born songwriter

4/26/2009 - I had the good fortune to meet Ray Whitley and listen to him play a& sing a few days ago here in Gainesville, Ga. You can reach him thru Good News At Noon at 770-532-0136

Answered: What is the song structure for artist and songwriter babyface songs?


Answered: What's your reaction to the death of Phoebe Snow?

I have never heard of her or heard of her song. However anyone who gives-up their music career or what have you to raise a disabled child is someone I wish could have stayed around fullterm. She was an asset to the humanrace and we sure need more like her. Lady Darko
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PRO CAE/IPI, I write songs and a site I wish to post my music is

Thank you, Thats what I thought but wasnt sure. I did sign up with BMI and things are moving forward. Again thnx so much for the reply. Mkarkus, Barsinister

Has anyone ever sent any song lyrics to Paramount Group in Nashville

I haven't, but did research the company once and did NOT like what I found. Stay away from this company is my advice.

Joe borzoni

Joe borzoni is a songwriter based in nyc & florida

Kendra’s wedding in Playboy Mansion?

I don't think it is weird since she was a close friend to all the playmates, bunnies, and other girlfriends. It was a great thing that Hef allowed her to get married in the place that had been her home for 5 years. I also think it is great that Hank Baskett understood. That is what I like to call an ...