Where is soapnet on xfinity?

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Answered: Soapnet

Oh you are a doll. Thanks for your answer. I just got Knots landing season 2 from Blockbuster online. I have an account that they mail them to you. They have so many movies that you can't find in the store. And you can keep them as long as you want. Thanks again I can't believe I got an answer so ...

Answered: Www.soapnet.com

I heard the soaps were going off the air.

Answered: Does anyone know how i can get the red light on my ...

I just want to know how i can turn off the red light on my cable box because it is not letting me change channels on my tv? do i need a code to turn off the red light on my cable box and if so do you know the code to turn of the red light on the cable box so that i can change channels?

Answered: What is Comcast xfinity self activation?

it installs their "Desktop Software," which, according to their webpage: Sets your Browser's homepage to XFINITY.com Sets your default Search Provider Adds your preferred web sites to your Browser's Bookmarks and/or Favorites Adds useful Applications to your computer's desktop in addition to who ...
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