where is outside temperature sensor on a 2011 kia soul?

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Answered: Rims for my pink 2011 Kia Rio

believe it or not, pink cars look great with totally black rims. Take a look at these. http://www.carid.com/dub-wheels/drone-black-855225.html

Answered: I need to know where the coolant temperature sensor is located on the

All temp sensor's should be on the side of engine block or beside the thermostat housing.

Answered: Does the outside temperature go lower if you are ...

Hi, 1. The outside temperature is not effected by the speed of the plane. 2. The higher your plane goes the lower the teperature is. 3. Same applies when you drive. 4. The wind cools you when you are exposed to it (that's the reason a vetilator makes you feel more comfortable ...

Answered: Is partial soul sale considered impossible? If so why?

This is eligible for a whole sole sale. After being filleted, it can participate in a partial sole sale. Pardon my curiosity, but I heard that your mama was partially pregnant. Is the true?

Answered: I am towing a 2011 Chevy Malibou and have been ...

Have you tried calling your local Chevy dealer's repair shop and asking them?
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