where is obidobi near to egypt?

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Answered: Christian fellowship near 46219

Heathen said: "If you are asking if I believe that the AV 1611 translation of the Bible is the God inspired, accurate translation of God's Word, then, no. I have some background in the study that has convinced me that translators made mistakes....but certainly God did not." Then you aren't a ...

Answered: Find Dr. Kamil Dawood Aswan Egypt

I might be able to help. But what are you after exactly? Do you need his contact details or do you need information about him? And why?

Answered: Can you park on packer ave. near citizen bank park

You can park on packer near C B park if you pay the parking meter to park there.

Answered: Egypt travel

for sure they will require more information about your identity. http://www.fly2egy.com

Answered: From where the word egypt came?

Originally was Kemet means the black land. http://www.fly2egy.com

Answered: What language so people speak in Egypt?

They speak the Egyptian dialect of Arabic, which is really different from other dialects, although the written language is the same. A lot of people also speak English, since Eygpt was colonized by the British empire.
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