where is obd connector for a 2004 c70 volvo?

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Answered: Which scanner should I use? OBD 1 or OBD 2?

obd1 1995 and older obd2 1996 and newer. the manual will tell you where the diagnostic port is exactly. could have 2 one under the steering wheel side of the dash and 1 under the hood. the scaner kits will usualy tell you what vehicles and what adapter to use. To learn more: http://www.xcardiag.com ...

Answered: Car pulls to the rt. on a 2004 r volvo during acceleration. Car has been

Does it pull more than others of that model? Torque steer has been a problem with some powerful front wheel drives. It is normal and engineers work to minimize the effects.

Answered: Can I clear ABS code with OBD II USB Software for a 1998 Durango?

javascript:mctmp(0); obd relates to the engine system. you will need a scan tool that will communicate with the abs system also

Answered: What is obd and what is it used for?

OBD-II is a system used in automobiles to monitor various components of the vehicle, detect malfunctions, and store the information in the vehicle’s on-board computer to be recovered later by a service technician. OBD-II is an acronym for on-board diagnostics; the “II” denotes the second and most ...

Answered: Location of brake sensor for 02 volvo c70

Which brake sensor? I assume you mean one of the ABS sensors, which are located on the hub/rotor assembly behind the wheel.

Answered: Are there any volvo owners in the house?

I received this question in my email this morning,"is there a volvo in the house?" I AM SORRY TO SAY THAT NO,WE HAVE NO VOLVO IN OUR HOUSE. A very nice car,to have. No volvo,sorry. It won't be long before we have nothing in our house. Bad luck!!! So if you have a volvo,be happy. God bless. Have a ...
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How to change front brake pads on a 2001 volvo c70?

When you hear the squealer tab screeching.

Security theft code volvo 850

You will have to call the Volvo dealer and give them the Vin number on the car or If the radio has been replaced you will have to pull the radio out and give the serial number to them off of the radio. Hope this helps!

Becoming a volvo dealer

i have tried looking online with their corporate office and there is no way to contact them for info on becoming a dealer

1989 4 cyl Volvo 135hp that stalls at idle

Could be one of the following: Fuel filter, idle Step motor (it controls the air/fuel mixture in idle) or a problem in the engine computer.