where is nettle root in wizard101?

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Answered: Wizard101 dinosaur pet

Dinosaur as a pet? wow. It definitely can not enter at my house' dog doors . Lol

Answered: What are estragale roots

Estragole is found in basil and tarragon. Perhaps you mean astragalus root. http://www.webmd.com/heart/astragalus-root-heart-benefits-side-effects

Answered: Stinging nettle

You need to use a 'kill and regrow agent'. To be sure it is stinging nettle, you can dig a patch from the area that stings and take it to a local lawn and garden center for analysis.

Answered: Edible Root?

or some libriam

Answered: Checking to see If I need root canal?

I had a root canal on molar it failed same day was told to get pulled Ihave to wait ten days is that o. k. on antibiotics

Answered: What do you think of the melting pot? The ...

I think there should have been more thought as to the ingredients. It appears the pot is spoiled and boiling over with unnecessary additions. Plus they are costing us a fortune.
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What are the multiplayer mounts wizard101?

multiplayer mounts are normal mounts but 2 or more people (depending on witch one) can ride. they are in the test realm but they dont come out ...well i dont know. i will look up on when they come out and i hope this was helpful. thx alot bye bye

What is the root word in zoology

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Root canal

Root Canal is when your nerve in your tooth dies...it could be becuase you got hit by something and your nerve shattered or otherwise. They have to drill a hole in your tooth, remove the nerve, fill your tooth with medication..patch it up, soon you'll have to go back for a re-visit for a 2nd ...

What is Konnyaku root

Konnyaku root is the root from the Japanese sweet potato