where is my pelvic located?

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Answered: Pelvic

I used to do those when I was young. Now the floor is too damn uncomfortable.

Answered: Pelvic muscle exerciser that is inserted

There are Kegel exercisers that are inserted into the vagina to help you strengthen your pelvic floor muscle. The Kegel Master is one such device and costs around $100. I recommend you learn to do kegels in a disciplined way - there are guides. Here is link to an article about kegels, Women ...

Answered: Location of a ron-jon surf shop in, greensboro, nc

According to this web site , there isn't one in Greensboro.

Answered: German chocolate cake bakery md I'm located in ...

The Cakery in Bowie can make German Chocolate Cake in all sizes.
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When do women not need a pelvic exam

Regular pelvic check/exam must be recommended for those women who had problems with their pelvic area. If you have continuously experience pelvic pains then you need some medical check ups but if you always feel healthy, a quarterly check ups must also be done to detect early signs of problems.

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