where is main water shut off valve in levitt homes lacated?

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Answered: Water shut off

Shawna- From your last post, it looks like you did not understand what I was saying. If you did, please forgive my repetition. Your water meter is outside of your house somewhere. Most likely, it is close to the street. It will have a metal top. Remove the top. You should see the water meter ...

Answered: Water pressure sound

The ball cock in t he water tank is worn

Answered: Should i shut-off my water heater when not in use

how long should we keep the ciculater on for the 20ft.by 4oft.pool?we have a pool cover also.this guy keep turning the heat pump off after 8 hours even though it hasn't gotten to the desired temp.[85]ft.myers fl.i told him just leave it on till it gets there.then it will shut off by it self.[we have ...

Answered: Is there a water pressure control valve in Weston ...

In any mobile home, the PRV is always where the incoming water supply connects to the mobile. Mostly, this is directly under the hot water heater.
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Why not just shut your water heater off. Vacation may not be a good setting. It doesn't take long for water to heat back up once you turn it back on. Also be sure and drain the water from your toilets if you can't get it totally drained it is ok to put anti-freeze in your toilets to keep them from ...

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I have a 17.5 hp briggs engine that i have just recently rebuilt the carb

It sounds like it might be a problem with the governor. Check to make sure the linkage is all connected right, and the spring(s) are attached.