where is mail.jar in java 1.6?

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Answered: AOL: Please answer this question: All mail is ...

AOL could have changed their spam algorithm but they probably won't say. My spam setting is medium, and some of my mail goes to Spam. You might have set your sender filter to accept mail only from certain addresses; that would send all the rest to Spam. If you add a sender name to your address ...

Answered: Some of my contacts are not getting through to my Aol e-mail

Please try the solutions listed in the article below. Cannot send email using the AOL Desktop Software

Answered: Signing Out of AOL Mail

I had the same question but nobody seems to have an answer. It is extremely annoying having to wait SO long for AOL to sign off especially if I want to switch to another screen name or sign off my computer. Does anyone out there have an answer???
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