Where is ktvk's patti kirkpatrick?

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Answered: Why doesnt ktvk fess up and let viewers know what happened to patti

There was an article in June that said her desk was cleaned out. And her contract was up at the end of August. She was about 57 years old. In television, that might be too old, but no one would want to say so. There were some comments from 2010 that "she seems zombied out most of the time ...

Answered: Patti carnel,s marriage to david soul

Personally, I thought this beautiful woman married David while trying to knock off all three of the "Here Come the Brides" brothers" lol Knowing her wonderful dad, I can't imagine what she might have seen in a hooligan like David Soul...he may have been the dream of every stupid country hick, but ...

Answered: Happy saint patty day to all in green

Oh, A Transylvanian......Go enjoy some green blood......HeHeHe

Answered: Pattie Boyd's Autobiography

Apparently Pattie (correct spelling) has produced this volume, with the help of a writer, to counter the imminent release of Eric Clapton's bio. She divorced George Harrison in 1974. She hooked up with Clapton after a brief fling with Ron Wood of the Stones. She split from Clapton in 1988. Her bio ...

Answered: What is the best way to cook the patty for hamburgers, fried or grilled

Grilled over a wood fire is the best, or fried in butter

Answered: Republicans sexist? That's hard to believe--too! http://www

WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME THE LEFTIST MUSLIM ATHEIST POSTER HAS SEEN THE SUNLIGHT? Our government dependent friend the leftist Muslim Atheist poster has started another long day and night of posting under his main aliases at 2 PM est. He started off with his alias Serenity then switched to the former ...
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