where is karen harch now?

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Answered: Does Senior Citizen / School Bus Monitor Karen Klein deserve over 1/2

You are missing the point. It doesn't matter whether she deserves it or not. The money is being given as a GIFT. When people want to give a gift it is out of the generousity of their heart. She does not have to deserve it or earn it or anything like that. And secondly, being the classy lady she ...

Answered: Know owt ??? wink wink

No. Do you know the chap at Jiffy Lube that everyone calls "2 Sheds"?

Answered: Throw A Party For Your DIVORCE?

I don't know, but I'd love to have an invitation to the party! I am a huge Jack White fan! Leave it to him to come up with something that quirky!

Answered: Is Karen Hudes A Exorcist

Freethinker, that does not alleviate the horrible threat that Tadpole-Haas hopes to inflict! This poor imbecile wants to make Barney and Friends mandatory viewing hence cause widespread death by sheer nausea! Then again, why am I not unduly concerned with the leftist rants of this demented ...

Answered: Who Is Karen Hudes

Walter, I don't know from what planet you originate, but this one is earth. Every year, the General Accounting Office posts detailed results of ALL our financial doings at the Federal level. Mabye leftists are the least educated fools that ever escaped from mental hospitals or prisons, but that ...
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Karen Hudes&System Flip

Tadpole-Haas, it is unfortunate that leftists have such ridiculous and juvenile delusions. Maybe if you made an effort to grow up, you would become worthy of a reply.

Karen Furchak

The coastline of Labrador.

Karen Pasiecznik, where is she?

Wrong karen! She lives in PA.

Why was hope siegel name changed to karen richards?

Good question. The only thing I could find about it was that possibly Hope Siegel was is the Witness Protection Program since her release from prison in February 2010 so the show Wicked Attraction had to use an alias so they chose the name "Karen Richards".