where is Gettysburg Orphanage with Rosa Carmichael?

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Answered: Is this orphanage real?

Yes it is. I am the missionary (Judy Grim) who taught for a month this last Sept. 1st. to Oct. 2nd. Much was accomplished there but there is much to do as they are starving without assistance. I need all the donations I can get so I can forward the funds to James 1:27 orphanage. Contact me and I ...

Answered: Winners orphanage 49 Effurun Warri Delta State Africa

My advice to you is this. If you wish to support an orphanage, do so within the US, preferably close to home, or follow the lead of your church. Give them the money and designate it for that particular cause.

Answered: Annual trip to Orphanage in Mexico

I would suggest checking out the US advisory for traveling overseas.

Answered: A Fine Line Tattoo, Gettysburg, Pa

Apparently the first reply was just a way to put an ad for Legacy tattoo on the internet. I have had several piercings done at Fine Line Tattoo in Gettysburg Pa. They are very clean and everything used was sterile in packages. There was no one there by the name of Linda. Kathy did my piercings ...

Answered: Ulysses LA Rosa and his oil painting

Are you looking for his oil painting? How much does it cost right now? I have one (oil painting signed 1970)

Answered: How much is the fine for violation of vehicle code

California VC 21456b is about pedestrian violation of Walk/Don't Walk; it would cost you $197.
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