where is Dominic Davis son of Beth Chapman?

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Answered: Female Domination

There are the CB2000, CB3000, and CB6000 male chastity cages avaliable. Just google them. Lots of info and websites. You keep the only key. He gets out only when you want him to and he is tied up so that he cannot prevent you from putting it back on. There are also "points" that could be added ...

Answered: Why does my son get nervous near the pantyhose sections of department

IF he is 3, you should not have scared him like that for haloween. If he is 13, its sexual. If you find him sniff them, I would take him for counseling. If you find him wearing them, I would take him for transsexual screening.

Answered: Governor Beth Perdue's email address?

how do you expect Americans to live in this messed up state. I used to be proud to live in NC. Now, with the unemployment rate the way it is and being one of those unemployed who has exhausted their benefits. I have looked for job after joba and I have even changed careers and can't find a job ...

Answered: Who is mone davis mother on welfare?

Your question makes no sense. Do you speak English?

Answered: Where are the answers to the Beth Moore Esther questions?

Any idea where a completed PURIM chart is?
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