where is david gonzales from kcal9?

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Answered: Did tennis player David Ferrer get fined?

Video: Ferrer lobs ball into stands in direction of crying child - Busted Racquet - Tennis Blog - Yahoo! Sports Busted Racquet Thu Mar 31 10:17am EDT Video: Ferrer lobs ball into stands in direction of crying child By Chris Chase David Ferrer was preparing to serve in his Sony ...

Answered: Kcal9.com

Hi Grandpa... did you have a question?

Answered: Is david caruso back with his ex lisa

From what I could find it looks like yes..

Answered: David Anthony Heck

Rae, you didn't actually ask a question. Are you looking for that person? What do you know about him? Did you try Googling his name to see what would come up? We need a little more information.
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