where is daniel dae kim from?

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Answered: Kim S Ryan

What on earth is your question?

Answered: Want Kim's advice for bikini bod?

no. u gotta have a nice body too. you could be like 300 lbs and be confident but that doesnt mean ull look good.

Answered: Kim vs. Paris

Kim vs. Paris on AOL Answers. Paris Hilton any time, much Classier as she is getting more mature. Sweet G.

Answered: Kim Kardashian Nudes....

Rocmike, we have seen your porn and we know that you're gay so do you look at Kim Kardashian's nude pictures?
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Is kim kardashian the worst person on the planet?

Mike Dykes aka Rocmike aka The fake Marine is.

How big is Kim K butt?

Huge and wonder if it is implants like the rest of her. Imagine what she will look like at sixty.

Kim's no 'Samantha Jones'!

read the book Kim Cattrall Sexual Intelligence (Hardcover) http://www.amazon.com/Kim-Cattrall-Sexual-Intelligence/dp/0821261754

Clint daniels

Clint Daniels - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia